עזר האמונה החדש - The New Aid for Faith Project


The New Aid for Faith Project is an answer to the problem of missionaries targeting Jews that exists today without any other source to counter it. Being involved counter missionaries and debating the issues with them for over 10 years, I have collected material in an area that has been ignored. That is the misuse of OUR sacred works as a tool against OUR beliefs. The materials here is the result of years of work, and use in counter missionaries and counseling Jewish kids who have been taken in by them. 


The New Aid for Faith is divided into various parts:


First is a collection of web articles dealing with various issues that are used by missionaries, or relate to issues that are raised due to their campaigns targeting Jews.


Second are a number of PDF documents that are small booklets packed with information, but not fully edited. These are being made available as soon as they can be put together so that they can be available and used to Aid the Faith.


Third are a planned number of books, under the title of ‘The New Aid for Faith’,  that take in depth all the issues used by missionaries, and explain the truth of our faith.