A Challenge to Dr. Michael Brown

(and other missionary organizations.)



I have always believed that what I teach is true, and that Judaism is true and that Christianity (or Messianic Judaism) is false. I believe that this is so and that Judaism and its beliefs can be defended intelligently against the false claims of missionaries. For that reason I have very often suggested Christian books of apologetics, like the one by Gleason Archer, be looked at by those I discuss with to show them how shallow and inadequate the Christian arguments are.


My challenge is this: If Dr. Brown truly believes that what he says is true, and his writing of a 5 volume book shows he believes that it can be intelligently defended, then he should have no problem with asking those Jews, and specifically Orthodox Jews, who may come to him or he may know about, who are interested in the claims he makes, to discuss them ALSO with myself.  The same would go for Jews for Jesus or Chosen People’s Ministries.


For my side I would be willing to do the same with any one who is now a Messianic or Jewish Christian. By this I mean not just suggesting he look at Dr. Brown’s books, but also contact him directly or any others who accept this challenge.


If they will post my email address on their site I will also post the email address they will provide on my site. This way someone who is just reading either site will know where to go for more information.


I will openly post who has the courage of their convictions and accepted this challenge.


This is being posted August 7, 2011.