Lies, Damned Lies and What the Missionaries Claim the Rabbis say

This page has articles on distortions found in books that were written to target Jews for conversion. While it is true that in any book errors can occur, and we should always try to be understanding, Sometimes we find errors that cannot be excused as 'mistakes' but are either due to purposeful distortion, or people claiming to be scholars who by their works show that they are not.

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Articles in Alphabetical Order:

Driver and Neubauer and their distortions of Rabbinic texts

Dr Michael Brown and his erroneous chronology in Volume 1.

    Response to Dr. Michael Brown's objection to my comments which appear in his Volume 4.

Dr. Arnold Fructenbaum and the Rabbis views of Isaiah 53 before Rashi

Rachmiel Frydland's claims about Deuteronomy 18 and the Ralbag.

Dr. Daniel Gruber and his claim in his book "Rabbi Akiba's Messiah".

Risto Santala and Psalm 110

Dr. David Stern and his claims about Rashi on Isaiah 53 

    Response to Dr. Michael Brown's objection to my comments about Dr. David Stern.