The Chassidus.net website is a unique one in many ways. It is my site, and is based on selections from an email list that I had been giving for a number of years. It has teachings and stories from many different Rebbes, some of which are in rare works, or have never been printed in books. The purpose of the site is to give a good understanding the main ideas and beliefs of Chassidim, traditionally and today.

The Being Jewish site is run by a good friend of mine and is a gold mine of excellent articles on many different subjects relating to Torah Judaism.

The Project Genesis has classes, email lists and just a lot of good information about Torah Judaism. I have known the Director, Yaakov Menken, for a number of years and he has built his site into one of the best sources of authentic information on Torah Judaism.


Chassidus Email List - A discussion list on Chassidus.


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