Answering Dr. Michael L. Brown's Objections to Judaism.

Who is Dr. Michael L. Brown and Why Spend so Much Time on Him?

Fair Weights and Measures An Answer to a Lecture by Dr. Brown

Responses to Dr. Michael Brown's books "Answering Jewish Objections to Jesus"

        Volume 1: page 71-73: A distortion of  chronology

        Volume 2: page 113: Was the flour offering mixed with blood?

        Volume 3: page 86-92:  4.18 Daniel 9:24-27 has nothing to do with the Messiah.

        Volume 3: page 92-100: 4.19 Daniel 9:24 was clearly not fulfilled by Jesus

        Volume 3: page 100-111: 4.20/4.21 Chronology of Daniel 9 and 'Two' Messiahs.

        Volume 4: page 284-285: An attempt to fix a distortion of chronology


Response to Dr. Michael Brown's response to Rabbi Michael Scobac's article dealing with atonement for sin with the flour offering.