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(נצר בני מצות אביך ואל תטש תורת אמך. משלי ו:כ)

My son, heed the Commandments of your father and do not abandon the Torah of your mother. Proverbs 6:20


Challenge for all Messianics and Jewish Christians.   Responses to the Challenge

Section 1   Counter Missionary Articles that I have written.

Section 2   Answering Dr. Michael L. Brown's Objections to Judaism.

Section 3   Analysis of Christian Proof Texts.

Section 4   Ecco Homo: A look at the real Jesus.

Section 5   TESHUVAS (Answers to questions) chosen from the many questions and comments sent to me.

Section 6   The New Aid for Faith Project collection of materials to counter missionary targeting of Jews.

Section 7   Testimonials of the work that I have done counseling Jewish people involved with other religions over the past few years.

Section 8   Counter Missionary Links that are of the highest quality



Yoma 39 and the Red Thread

The Rabbis on Isaiah 53 - Articles dealing with the views of the Rabbis on Isaiah 53.

Distortions by Missionaries about what the Rabbis teach: Part 1

Distortions by Missionaries about what the Rabbis teach: Part 2

My Response to Dr. Michael Brown's objection to one of my articles in Volume 4 of his book.

Mysteries of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai and Isaiah 53


If you or a relative is involved in a Christian or Messianic group, or are confused by what missionaries say, contact us.